At Life Uncluttered, we redesign spaces to create homes and offices that are comfortable, relaxing and welcoming. With your budget in mind, we will organize existing furnishings and decor to restore order and balance, in a way that best reflects your personality and lifestyle. Living and working in a space that is visually, emotionally and functionally appealing will only enhance your enjoyment of it.

We believe Feng Shui can have a profound impact on how you feel and function in a space and as such we have incorporated it into all of our Redesign and Home Staging services. We focus on providing a space that specifically suits your needs, not the criteria of a design magazine.

We encourage our clients to embrace and benefit from the natural elements that surround us and as much as possible reuse materials in their living and work environments rather than buying new. Our goal is to provide you with a greater awareness of how your home and office surroundings impact your well-being. We strive to improve your space and quality of life by revitalizing your connection with your living or work environment. We create new and inviting home or office spaces that support you and allow you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed by life.

Life is stressful; your home doesn't have to be life uncluttered.



We are attempting to be more conscious of our impact on the environment. We strongly support electronic communication to minimize waste and we do our best to recommend paints and other products with low VOC emissions. Where possible, we redesign using your existing belongings and prefer to find creative ways to use existing materials in your space. When we need to add pieces, we will suggest purchasing used before new. It isn't much and we aren't perfect - but it is a start. If you have an environmental initiative that you feel we could adopt by our business, please pass it along to us. There is much to be done if we intend to preserve the beauty of nature for generations to come.